Corporate Philanthropy - Fundraising Priorities and Goals

UC Santa Barbara engages corporate partners in philanthropy as a means of building meaningful collaborations, creating a sustainable social legacy, and achieving social and economic impact through partnerships on exceptional research.

There are numerous ways to become involved in Corporate Philanthropy:

1. In-Kind Gifts

Corporate partners can make an indelible impact by donating equipment for undergraduate teaching labs, which enables enhanced undergraduate research capabilities and supports faculty research.  Whether it be hardware or software, UCSB appreciates and will gladly consider any donations.

2. Endowed and Current Use Fellowships and Scholarship

Scholarships and fellowships are awards that help exceptional students meet educational goals and research expenses while enabling them to spend the majority of their time studying and researching.  This in turn allows them to extend their research aspirations, taking their education and community impact further.  Fellowships are designed to support a program’s commitment to recruiting notable scholars while reducing dependence on federal funding.  Create an everlasting presence with an endowment or build a current use model spanning your desired timeline.

3. Endowed Chair

One of the most important types of gifts to higher education is an endowed chair, for an endowed chair ensures faculty excellence.  Created by a philanthropic gift, these highly prized academic positions are supported by earnings from invested funds.  State funds pay for the faculty member’s salary, but the proceeds from the endowment provide enrichments, such as research money and support for instruction, that are important to the recruitment and retention of the world’s foremost scholars.  Endowing a chair provides corporations the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and problem-solving expertise of our faculty and their students.

4. Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities work to enhance and strengthen UC Santa Barbara with facilities that provide critical new space for teaching and research.  Named buildings serve as permanent reminders of the commitment of major donors to ensuring UC Santa Barbara’s excellence for future generations.  A major gift is a creative act – it provides an opportunity for a donor to transform an institution or catalyze a new stage of growth for a program while attracting other donors to the cause.