Affiliates Program

The UCSB Corporate Affiliates Program is a fee based program designed for companies who want to devote their time and resources to a deep relationship with UCSB engineering and the sciences. The objective of the Corporate Affiliates Program is to provide a dedicated portal for companies to explore prospective research partnerships, utilize world-class facilities and equipment and to recruit top students. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Corporate Affiliates Program Benefits

The University of California Santa Barbara will identify a representative to be the liaison for each Corporate Member.  This liaison will make the CAP member aware of relevant activities and resources on the UC Santa Barbara campus in an effort to co-develop a plan for each corporate member regarding-

  • Unlimited coordination of research reviews with faculty across campus
  • Announcements of relevant symposia, conferences and workshops held on campus
  • Students recruitment on campus
  • Insight into research collaboration funding sources and opportunities
  • Introduction to and guidance on use of laboratory facilities and equipment for use by industry
  • Faculty travel (2 faculty annually; economy class and government rate hotel) for technical visits to each corporate member within the US
  • Strategic advisory role for industry.  Each corporate member will be encouraged to place up to two board members on the Corporate Affiliates Board.  The board meets twice annually and plays a strategic role in advising the deans of Engineering and the Sciences about the needs and challenges of industry.