Affiliates Program

UC Santa Barbara's Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) is designed to facilitate corporate members' interactions with faculty, students and other campus stakeholders. CAP designates a liaison for each Corporate Member to assure that the member's staff is consistently informed about exciting new research projects, especially in Engineering and The Sciences.

To accomplish this, CAP employs a two-step process:

First, we work with company representatives to determine areas in which UC Santa Barbara could be helpful to the company (through discussion, one-on-one faculty-company research reviews and semi-annual board meetings

We then co-develop a plan for each corporate member that includes the following benefits:

Research and New Discovery

  • Unlimited coordination of research reviews with faculty across campus
  • Announcements of relevant symposia, conferences and workshops held on campus
  • Introduction to and guidance on use of laboratory facilities and equipment for use by industry
  • Faculty travel (2 faculty annually; economy class and government rate hotel) for technical visits to each corporate member within the US

Workforce Development

  • Student recruitment on campus as often as needed by the Corporate Affiliate member
  • Promotion of the corporate brand through student financial support and other philanthropy

Strategic Advisory Role for Industry

  • Each corporate member will be encouraged to place up to two board members on the Corporate Affiliates Board.  The board meets twice annually. Board members play a strategic role in advising the deans of Engineering and the Sciences about the needs and challenges of industry.