Our goal is to help you find the talent you need for your company’s growth and success. Corporate Programs invites you to utilize our employer services during the upcoming academic year. We are here to provide personalized recruiting service to help you identify your ideal engineering and science candidates. The height of our recruiting season is fall quarter so plan early! To ease your planning, we’ve identified five components of a successful recruiting strategy.

Info Sessions

Info sessions are often the best way to engage with students and increase your company’s brand recognition on campus. An info session is a night devoted entirely to your company. You get a room full of relevant and motivated students eager to learn about your company and any potential opportunities. Read more about Info Sessions here.

Job Posting

Post your job descriptions on our engineering and science specific job board. We will do this for you. We can also distribute job descriptions through the relevant departments if you are interested in targeting a specific major. We recommend doing this in conjunction with Handshake so you reach the most students.

Career Fairs

There are quarterly career fairs are hosted by the Career Services department. Sponsor the event and have your table optimally placed to ensure maximum exposure. Again, schedule info sessions in combination with attending a career fair to maximize your effectiveness and schedule them well in advance.


With HandShake, you can post a full-time position or internship, schedule interviews with students, and register for Career Fairs and Information Sessions to continue to build your brand with UCSB students. To register for HandShake please follow the instructions here.

Office Hours

Reserve a room for walk-in appointments with students. This is your opportunity to make personal connections with top-tier students, both on the undergraduate and graduate level. Schedule a day-long office hour session in conjunction with an info session in the evening for an effective recruiting day, or a simple session for a few hours to meet with a select group of students.


Teams of students work on projects sponsored by industry for 2-3 quarters in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering. This is a tremendous opportunity to get involved in undergraduate coursework and assess the abilities of a team of students. You also have the opportunity to sponsor the final Capstone competition where you can host a table for your company to interact with all of our students.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an info session,

contact coecareerevents [at] engineering [dot] ucsb [dot] edu or 805-893-5544.