One of our greatest efforts in collaborating with corporate partners is by providing access to our 28 cutting-edge multi-user laboratory facilities. An example is the Nano Fabrication Facility. It has 12,700 ft2 of clean room space to work in, supporting an average of 250 people per month doing a variety of projects in electronics, optics, materials, MEMs, physics and related efforts.

We offer affordable rates for required tools and processes, as well as training and support from dedicated and knowledgeable staff tailored to specific research and development needs. Over 40% of the more than 500 per annum user community are from corporate partnerships. With the development of two new facilities, the Center for BioEngineering and Henley Hall, we have unique opportunities available for laboratory naming and technology integration. Please visit the specific lab's website for questions about using the facilities.

Available Facilities

How to Use UCSB Facilities:

Many shared instruments on the UCSB campus are available for use via recharge to off-campus users.  UCSB's labs and facilities are all independently managed, and each department has unique procedures for instrument access, training, scheduling, and billing. Some facility staff will perform measurements and procedures for you at a recharge rate, and some facilities will require you to train and use the instrument(s) yourself. The educational mission of the University remains primary: Facility and instrument access for external users are always at the discretion of the individual PI, Facility, or Department.

UCSB has a streamlined process for completing common forms such as the Facilities Use Agreement, Insurance Certificates, Liability Waivers for each user, and campus wide safety training. Once submitted, these forms should be valid for any campus facility you wish to access within any department.

If you receive clearance to make use of a facility or instrument, the following information should guide you in setting up access:

1. The PI, Technical Director, Facility Manager, or other departmental representative will be your first point of contact to set up use of facility instrumentation. Each facility manages when and how users may make use of the equipment (please contact Leslie Edwards at edwards [at] engineering [dot] ucsb [dot] edu if you do not know the facility's manager)

  • If you are having campus staff perform a measurement, you may only need to set up a billing form and make arrangements with the staff. 
  • If you will be using campus facilities yourself, and this is the first time your company is accessing campus Multi-Use facilities: Once you have clearance from the Facility Manager, you should be directed to proceed to step 2. 

2. Contact Calli Price, Procurement Services Manager, Purchasing at calli [dot] price [at] bfs [dot] ucsb [dot] edu (or 805-893-3723) to complete required forms and certifications for use of UCSB Multi-use facilities.

  • If your company already has documents on file with her, you will not need to fill them out again except for forms for a new user. Departments and facilities will be able to verify your company's status.

3. Once all documents are approved, users can reconnect with the appropriate Facility Manager for specific Instrument Training and Lab Access