Research in Engineering and the Sciences at UCSB is driven by two compelling goals: improving the quality of life on the globe and expanding our collective knowledge.

A significant component of both those goals involves companies and organizations with whom we work. Some decide to work with us under research agreements, and others choose to provide philanthropic gifts to support research projects, faculty or students. Others do both.

  • Research agreements: Under a research contract, UCSB researchers agree to conduct a particular project funded by your organization, which receives technical reports on the research and access to intellectual property developed under the research agreement. For more information, please contact Sherylle Mills Englander, at 805.893.5180, or
  • Gifts: Making a philanthropic donation to support research, a particular laboratory, a research area, or graduate research helps organizations build relationships with faculty and drives research forward in an area of the donor’s interest. For more information, please contact Leslie Edwards, at 805.893.3944, or
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